Sunday, August 9, 2009

besok sekola....back to Y=MX+C again


hmmm. 2(pejam celik) besok dh skola. smg cuti yg x bbrp nk cuti kita tlh gunakan sebaik mungkin. for me, there is good thing and BAD thing i did during this holiday. hope allah forgive me for all the wrong doing and accept all the good deed (if there's any) that i did. with ramadhan just around the corner, lets prepare ourself from a-z.

preparation for our mental
- greet ramadhan with full iman iman, berazam, bersemangat serta kuat kemahuan utk melipatgandakan ibadah. also dont forget to recite"o allah give us the barakah at the month of rejab and syaaban, and sampaikanlah kami ke bulan ramadhan.

prepation for our mind and ilmu
-meningkatkat kn kefahamn berkaitan bulan ramadhan

persiapan harta
-it's not just preparing what to eat it's about giving money to the one in needs.

prepation for our phisical
-stay healthy, if you are than it iseasy for you to do ibadah

social preparation
it's about the atmosphere around you. if you are so semangat but people around you are lazy you might find it difficult to cope with the pressure, influence and obsesseion.

that's all i can say about preparation. not forget to mention our exam is around the corner. thank god during this short holiday i manage to qada' 50% of my study in the same time just prepare for my exam a bit. i think. as for all my friend lets continue our life with going to school tommorow. before i stop i want to share with you a status facebook that i got from my friends father

"When age is catching up, how nice it is to be young again... ALLAH has Promised, you can be young again, but in Paradise.. so oldies why wait for death to come.. we should chase for it by doing the DAKWAH works.. now go...."

lets appreciate our young age by doing good deeds and inviting people to good deeds too.


  1. gmbr ape tu? xklear lah. gune k800i eh? isy3.
    preparation for our mind and ilmu=jom visit aku nye blog. something for 'ilmu-finders...
    "now go...fetch it, dogs"

  2. ni sume gambar kat i'dad duat...kt kemaman.... ana pon x tahu la nape x clear... tp klu view original size agak clear.... hmm... i've just visited you blog... even leaving some comments too..... later i'll be going back to hostel... fetch it, chiken!!!

  3. hu.bau asrama kembali.|fetch it,gorilla?|